Inner Shifting Creations

Inner Shifting Pendants

Inner Shifting Pendants

I began with the Inner Shifting Pendants.   These were programmed to Shift Energy Patterns.  Then from there I branched out and programmed some of the pendants to resonate the frequency of Unconditional Love, and Absolute Joy, and Complete Gratitude.

The next products that wanted to be to be developed was the Space Shifters.  These pieces shift everything in their space.   They are effect whole groups like families, or companies.   Out of the Space Shifters came the Miracles Box.  These too shift everything in their space.  They also have the box which allows one to write the miracles that they want to come into one’s life.

Next came the wands.  The wands also shift everything in their space, as anything that is larger in nature.  A wand can be used for multiple purposes.  It can be used to bless your office, home or food.  It can also be used in rituals or ceremonies.

Most recently, the idea for my next line came to me in a dream.  This line too would shift everything in it’s space.  It’s center piece is around a teapot.  The idea is that tea gets made in the teapot, and is steeped on the piece.  As the tea steeps, the piece infuses energy into the tea.  That way the shifting can be experienced by those who are not around the piece as


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